BICF is an ever-changing community of internationals....
To help us maintain an accurate picture of who we are, where we’re from, and how we’re doing spiritually, we conduct a simple survey twice a year. Would you help us by taking three minutes to answer 20 short questions? All answers are confidential and anonymous. Thank you!
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What is your gender?

Which best describes you?

What age bracket are you in?

How long have you lived in Beijing?

What is your highest level of education?

You're almost half-way through the survey!  Keep it up!

How many years have you been a Christian?

If you are not a Christian, please enter "0."
If less than a year, enter "1."  
If unsure, just give us your best guess.
Have you been baptized?

We encourage all believers to be baptized in water. Baptism lets the world know you've placed your faith in Jesus.  Contact for more information.
How long is a one-way commute to BICF, 21st Century location?

Which of the following best describes your church background?

BICF is an interdenominational Church, meaning that people from many different backgrounds worship here.  For this question, we're looking for how you identified your religious affiliation prior to attending BICF. If you are uncertain, you can select non-denominational or other.

Are you a member of a BICF congregation?

Contact for more information on membership
Which Sunday Morning English Service do you normally attend?

Do you have children (age 12 and younger) that attend our Children's Ministry?

Do you have teens (ages 13-18) that participate in our youth ministry?

Remember, this survey is anonymous, so you can be completely honest!  No need to make your answers sound good, or how it "should be."  Just tell us like it is....

Describe your approach to tithes and offerings.

Tithing is responding to God with a grateful heart by returning 10% of your income to Him the moment it is credited to your account. Some believers give an offering, but not actually tithe. How about you? By the way, this is the only question about giving!  So, relax!

How often per week do you read the Bible?

Answer in regard to a typical week, not necessarily a great week, and don't one is judging.  We're just curious!
How many Sundays per month do you attend BICF at 21st Century?

Beijingers frequently travel because of work, visa requirments, returning home for a visit, etc.  So, there's no guilt here!  It's actually quite rare to find a person that can attend BICF every week. Give your answer based on a typical month.

You're almost there! Only two more questions and you're done!  Thank you!

How often do you participate in a small group?

In which general ministry area do you serve as a volunteer?

Every Sunday and during the week, countless volunteers make the ministry of BICF possible.  We call it DCAT, "Doing Church as a Team."

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